Cook County Community Survey

Loyola University Chicago


The Cook County Community Survey is a collaborative effort that brings together faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students to shed new light on the attitudes and behaviors of residents of Cook County.

Principal Investigators
Dana Garbarski
Dana Garbarski (Sociology)
Dana Garbarski is an Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology and Director of the University Core Curriculum at Loyola University Chicago. As a sociologist, Dana's research goals are to examine and inform the valid and reliable collection of survey data on health and well-being, with an intersectional focus on dimensions of race/ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, and sexuality. Her work has been published in several journals in the fields of sociology, public opinion, survey research, and health. You can read more about Dr. Garbarski's research here.
David Doherty
David Doherty (Political Science)
Professor Doherty joined the faculty at Loyola in 2011 after completing a three year post-doc at Yale University. His research uses surveys and experimental methods to explore questions about mass and elite behavior. Doherty's book, Small Power: How Local Parties Shape Elections, was published by Oxford University Press in 2022. You can read more about Dr. Doherty's research here.
Graduate Students
Juanita Vivas Bastidas (Sociology)
Juanita is a Ph.D. student in the Sociology department. She was born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia. Inspired by her experiences as an immigrant, Juanita’s research examines how immigrants experience life in the U.S. and how those experiences inform how they build identities and solidarity across borders. Her fields of interest include Sociology of Identity, Global and Transnational Sociology, Sociology of Social Knowledge, and Political Sociology. While finishing her coursework, Juanita is working on two projects that explore environmental racism and environmental justice activism in Chicago.
Keyla Navarrete (Sociology)
Keyla is a graduate student in the sociology department. Her research focuses on international immigration, policing, public opinion research, issues of race and ethnicity, and Latin America.
Raluca Pavel (Political Science)
Raluca Pavel is a graduate student in the Global Studies program and specializes in Comparative Politics. Her research interests focus on questions related to direct democracy and government transparency. More specifically, she is interested in the consequences of local level practices such as participatory budgeting.
Zach Holloway (Political Science)
Zach graduated with an MA in Political Science in May 2022. During his time at Loyola he had the opportunity to learn Geographic Information System (GIS) at the Institute of Environmental Sustainability (IES). He currently work as a research analyst at a communications firm, where he helps to conduct and analyze surveys.
Undergraduate Students
Elie Katzman-Jacobson (Sociology)
Elie (she/her) is in her last semester of undergraduate school, graduating in May 2024. She will graduate with a bachelor’s in Sociology with a minor in Advocacy and Social Change. She is analyzing institutional trust in her CCCS research and is interested in community organizing.
Madeline Grace (Political Science)
Madeline is a junior at Loyola majoring in Political Science and Visual Communication, with a minor in Women’s Studies and Gender Studies. Madeline’s research with the CCCS focuses on gender and restorative justice.
Skylar Kanine (Sociology)
Skylar (she/her) is a senior at Loyola majoring in Sociology with a minor in Women and Gender Studies. She is expected to graduate in May 2024. Her research for CCCS is focused on abortion attitudes and maternal health care. Skylar is a part of the Alpha Kappa Delta Society, and an Organizer for Students for Reproductive Justice.
Emily Richter (Political Science)
Emily is currently a junior studying political science at Loyola University Chicago. She is interested in American politics, specifically the study of campaigns and elections. She plans to attend graduate school and get her masters in public policy.
Sasha Shapsis (Political Science)
Sasha graduated from Loyola University Chicago in Fall, 2023. She studied political science and multimedia journalism.
Montse Villasenor (Sociology and Anthropology)
Montse Villasenor is a dual Sociology and Anthropology major who graduated in 2023. They are interested in Medical Sociology and used CCCS to evaluate the validity of previous measures of trust in medical providers.
Maddie Schaede (Political Science)
Maddie is a senior at Loyola double majoring in Political Science, and Advocacy and Social Change. Her research for CCCS is focused on descriptive representation, she has also conducted research in feminist theory. Maddie is a student in the Interdisciplinary Honors Program and plays club rugby.
Maddie Jackson (Political Science)
Maddie graduated from Loyola in May 2022 with a Bachelor of Arts, Honors in Political Science and minors in Communication Studies and Marketing. While at Loyola she worked for Campus Recreation and played Club Rugby.
Emma O'Driscoll (Sociology)
Emma O'Driscoll (they/she pronouns) is a sociology major who is expecting to graduate in 2023. They are passionate about health outcome disparities and deconstructing the narrative of personal responsibility surrounding health and the wellness industrial complex. They were able to analyze experiences of medical discrimination through their work with the CCCS.
Sophia Bardelli (Sociology)
Sophia Bardelli graduated from Loyola in 2022 with a BA in Sociology and a Sociolegal minor.
Ben Stringer (Sociology)
Ben Stringer is enrolled in a BA/MA program in Loyola's sociology department. In addition to quantitative community comparisons through work with MAPSCorps he is interested in cultural and economic exchange and conception of self and the individual's relation to society.
Sarah Jack
Sarah Jack (Political Science)
Sarah Jack studied Political Science and History at Loyola University Chicago. She graduated in December 2021. The CCCS project enabled Sarah to pursue a career in public policy and data science.
Andrew Byrne (Political Science)
Drew is a political science major originally from Minneapolis, MN. He got involved with CCCS to better understand the opinions of my local community while honing his statistical and analytical skills. In his free time he works at a summer camp and plays ultimate frisbee.
Gabrielle Castro
Gabrielle Castro (Political Science)
Gabrielle Castro graduated from Loyola in May 2022 with a BA in Political Science and minors in Philosophy and Sociolegal Studies. Her favorite college experience was participating in the Washington D.C. Program. After graduating, she plans to take a gap year in preparation for law school.
Miranda Hertzog (Political Science)
Miranda Hertzog graduated from Loyola in May 2022 with a B.A. in Political Science and a minor in Psychology. She is currently an Au Pair in Paris, France but is looking forward to working in Foreign Affairs when she returns to the US!
Pablo Guzman Rivera (Political Science)

For information about the Cook County Community Survey, please contact Dana Garbarski or David Doherty.